The Earring

One of my boys got an ear pierced and an earring a week or so ago.   Today he lost the earring during lunch recess.  It’s shaped in the shape of a letter S with little fake diamonds on it,  (we HOPE they were fake, if not, someone is an idiot, and I don’t mean the kid).   The shape is odd because it isn’t any of his initials.  Whatever.

He lost it.

After lunch he was pretty upset, he said his mom told him if he lost it, he would get a “whuppin”.  So we took a few minutes and the class all went out and looked for it in the grassy area where he thought he lost it.  No luck.

Awhile later, the class was all excited, one of the kids had apparently stepped on it and the peg had stuck in the bottom of his shoe and he had been walking around on it for awhile.  On concrete part of the time.  It was now bent, and missing about half of the little (we hope) fake diamonds.  I straightened it out, and had him sanitize it with hand sanitizer, then I used an antiseptic wipe on his ear and put it back in.  I keep a bunch of earring backs, hair rubber bands, and assorted other odds and ends that I might need taking care of 5 year olds.

Since technically it is no longer lost, maybe he will be spared the “whuppin”.

One can only hope.


2 thoughts on “The Earring

  1. Seriously, WT?! Earrings are not allowed on boys in Chicago Public Schools, thank God! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled earrings out of boys’ ears. I hate them, and I couldn’t be happier that the city agrees with me!!

    • How about spiked Mohawks? We have a kindergartener in one of the other classes that was coming to school with THAT for awhile, I’m not sure it’s code, but they let it slide.

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