If you have six cookies and there are three kids………

Apparently since school is out for the majority of the district (and that’s another whole pet peeve), someone has too much free time.  They have put a filter block on blogs.  I can’t get to my school blog from school anymore.  Oddly, I can still access blogs to read through Google Reader, I just can’t go directly to the blogs proper, and I can’t post.  I guess it’s no surprise, I was a little surprised I could l get to them in the first place.

Today we were doing math and I was trying to get the kids to figure out how to divide up a bunch of Unifix  Cubes into equal piles.  Getting them to problem solve is like pulling teeth.  Actually, I think I’d RATHER pull teeth.  After working at it on the rug for about 45 minutes, and still dealing with a lot of glazed over eyes, I put my head down on the floor and said, “I want my Momma, I think I’m going to cry.”  My new kid (the one driving me crazy) said, “Mr. B’s not going to cry, he’s a MAN.”   Then he nudged me (I had my face down in my hands), “Come on Mr. B. – MAN UP –  be a MAN.”

Where do they get this stuff?

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