I’m playing more music in class

transactivemobile_angle_medA while back, I had some allergy symptoms that caused some congestion in the back of my throat, that caused me to lose my voice.  I didn’t have any other symptoms, and it’s such a pain to get a sub.  However, it is impossible to teach kindergarten with no voice.  So I went to the PE teacher and asked him if he had one of those megaphones, he did, but it was wired onto his ball cart.  But the school stored this in his office.  It’s a Transactive Mobile.  It has a built in battery so that it can be used without an external power supply, it has a mike, and it was great while I had no voice.  Whisper into the mike, have the volume up, and problem solved.  It’s wheeled, and has an extendable handle, kind of like a piece of luggage.  Oh and it has an Ipod dock.

And I have an Ipod.  The thing is, it was a pain to hook the Ipod up to the speakers all the time.   BUT this thing is great.  I went out and bought myself one.


2 thoughts on “I’m playing more music in class

  1. It’s becoming the standard here as well. When they retrofitted my last school they put a system in and I liked using it. This school was built just prior to the new standard and hasn’t been retrofitted yet. THIS thing lets me play music over the system easier than the previous system though. I use more music when it isn’t a pain to set up and find.

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