Dibels results

We finished doing the end of year DIBELS benchmark tests this week.  All 25 kids benchmarked for the end of the year except two.  One of them should be retained, he is very young and just hasn’t caught up, and the other has missed more than 30 days of school and has been to three schools this year.  Everybody else did very well though.  Even a couple of kids that are a bit shaky when compared to the rest of the class, still reached benchmark.  I remember that from last year.   So many of the kids are so far beyond the benchmarks, that the others don’t look so good in comparison.  When in reality, they have still reached the kindergarten benchmarks for the end of the year.

I’m just really proud of my kids this year so many of them can read so many words now.  They have just done an outstanding job learning.

2 thoughts on “Dibels results

  1. It LOOKS good on paper. Amazingly, one of my REAL squirrelly kids did amazingly well on the benchmark tests and benchmarked. One of my two that didn’t benchmark, (the new one) did poorer on DIBELS than he probably actually is. He has good phonemic awareness, he’s just slow on his letter name and sound recall, and DIBELS is all about not being slow.

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