Next Year’s Calendar

Year_Round_09-10So this is our year round “track” calendar.  At any given time, there is usually one track out.  The odd day here and there might have two tracks out, if that occurs, it’s usually right when tracks are switching over with one going out and one coming in.  I will be on the Track 5 rotation next year, coming from the Track 1 position, so I am going from having my track break the longest time ago, to on the new track, having it the farthest into the year, so there will be a LONG haul between any “actual” breaks,  I’m not counting the one mentioned in my last post, because everyone gets it.  And it is SHORT.


4 thoughts on “Next Year’s Calendar

  1. WOW! What a schedule! Now, do you have 5 tracks because the school is over-crowded? Is your school the only one on this schedule, or is the whole district on it? Is your very short break due to a change in tracks? Geez, I’m sorry, I know that’s a lot of questions. It’s just interesting to me the way the 5 tracks are scheduled.

    • Maybe 10-20 percent of the Elementary schools are on this schedule. We’ve had a lot of growth over the last 20 years and they had a hard time building schools fast enough. In theory, they could have 20% more students in a school because they weren’t all there at the same time. If that were truly the situation though, we would have classes rotating in and out of the rooms and that is usually not the case. In reality, because we have enough classrooms (with the occasional strategically placed portable classroom)teachers and classes seldom have to share instructional space. I think the real problem is that the rest of the infrastructure and physical plant couldn’t handle them all at once. We would have a hard time getting them all through the lunchroom, and through the different specialists, like art, music p.e. and library. And while whole classes seldom use “track out” rooms, other support programs often do, like second language specialists, resource classes etc. We even have a current dental program that comes in and does full dental with the low income kids. I’ve got to see that dental lab. One of my kids came back to class from dental last week and half his face was asleep – he was hilarious.

  2. Both of your breaks match up with the big school breaks: Thanksgiving through New Years, and a super long spring break. Nice if you like the longer breaks–less nice if you like shorter breaks more often.

    • That’s the way I had it at my old school. Only this year, because I moved schools, I was on track 1 instead of 5, still not too bad, it matched up to those big school breaks as well, just on the other side of them. On this one I get a bit of a summer break as well.

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