I have three more days of school for the 2008-2009 year.

One of my kids yesterday picked a scab off his arm, and ate it, then he went over to my aide and told her it was delicious…….

He ate it.

He thought it was delicious……

I sometimes hate 5-6 year olds, it’s just a step above drinking out of the toilet around here……….


5 thoughts on “Yesterday

    • He’s a goofball, the other day he was chewing gum he picked up off the ground. And I do think some of them play in the toilet still. They certainly play in the bathroom.

    • Mom usually picks him up, but she does’t have it together much. He’s also the second lowest kid in my class, scatter brained, and EASILY distracted. Basically for him, ANYTHING is more interesting than what he is supposed to be paying attention too. The scab probably started out more interesting and moved to being more tasty as well.

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