Kindergarten Graduation……..or NOT

I’m ambivalent about kindergarten graduation.  But then, I’m not much of a party person.  The other kindergarten teachers laughed when I told them that my idea of a class party was to have cupcakes.  Period.  Most of my previous administrators have been willing to de-emphasize the “graduation” aspect of it and call it promotion and I’ve been more than happy to oblige .  We used to half way joke that we might as well call it graduation, because for some of them, it might be the only graduation they ever have…….

I’ve managed the last few years with not having any kind of ceremonies at all.  Not this year.  We, and the 5th grade classes will be participating in a big production in the Multi-purpose room tomorrow.   I did manage to get it toned down a bunch.  Kindergarten sings one song, then dismisses to their own rooms for their actual ending ceremonies while 5th grade remains in the Multi-purpose room for more stuff (I’m REALLY glad I don’t teach 5th grade, they even had an end of the year dance after school today).  Our “ceremonies” will be done by class, and mine will be short, very, very short.  I was even instrumental in choosing the song, and it’s short,  very short…….

I’m really torn,  I am SO ready for the end of the year.  But I love my kids.  It’s been the best class ever.  They have learned so much and done so well.  The lit. specialist only had one word for my end of the year DIBELS scores, “WOW”.  I’ve never had a class reading this good at the end of the year before.  Well, enough here, I’ve got to finish some certificates for tomorrow……


One thought on “Kindergarten Graduation……..or NOT

  1. I am SO with you on this one!! I got rid of the graduation after my first year at the Hell-Hole. This past year, we did absolutely NOTHING on the last day of school! In previous years, I’ve done different things including inviting the parents to our class for cupcakes and juice, sometimes we sing songs or do a project. But, last year, NOTHING. It was awesome! I’m really afraid that New Principal is going to want to do graduation again, which I will NOT be happy about.

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