They Are Gone

I hate to say goodbye.  I mean these kids have become such a part of my life, it’s hard to let go.  I want to take them all home.  One of the only things that makes it a little easier is to see them interact with their parents, and knowing that they love and are loved by their families.  Most of them. 

They sang their song, had lots of pictures taken,  got tummy aches from all the snacks they brought and ate.  It was generally a nice day.  Don’t tell anyone I said that, I might get stuck doing it again next year.  There was a period of time between the end of our promotion/party and the official end of the school day.  Some parents wanted to take their kids and go (which the Principal allowed if they signed them out) and kids didn’t want to leave, so  we had this weird dynamic of everyone just hanging around not knowing what to do.  We couldn’t really start the food part of the party with so many people there, because it would have created this horrendous mess, and I wasn’t sure if we had enough stuff for that many people.  So we did a lot of picture posing and finally most everyone trickled out.  About a third of the kids left early.  The rest stayed the whole time.  If I was organized… wait, that would never happen. 

Finally all the goodbyes were said, and all the children were gone.  Then the fun began.  One and a half paid days to tear the room down and set it back up for the beginning of the year.  Which takes place in two weeks.  I got a good start on all the stuff on the check list.  I could go in this weekend, but it would be without air conditioning.  Not nice.  We’ve been told that we are persona non grata at school during the week off because the office staff will be busy, and the custodial staff will be busy, and neither one wants us bugging them or in their way.  No class lists until two days before school starts.  After 19 years of teaching I’ve learned not to fret it.  Schools going to start when it starts, room ready or not.  Teacher ready or not.

And it will be OK.


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