A couple of weeks ago….


This is “Reading the Room”.  It was good for the first few times they did it, then it got to be too much “fun”, you know, walking around in groups, talking more than reading.  So I changed it up, and gave them clipboards and told them to “Write the Room”.  They could only write words they could actually read, and I would spot check them on the words they wrote.  It became a nice assessment on what they could actually read.

A couple of weeks ago, this one kid came up to me after “Writing the Room” for awhile and said, “Can I just read a book?  I’m EXHAUSTED (insert appropriate drama) from writing the room.”

And I said, “Why of course you can, honey.”   See, I’m not sure they all get it that the end goal of all these other things we do is for them to be able to READ BOOKS.


One thought on “A couple of weeks ago….

  1. That’s hilarious! We always “write the room,” too. My babies love it every year. I think it’s the clipboards. I even made special paper (with Disney clip art) for them to write the words they can read.

    I found these really fun fly swatters at the dollar store to read the room with. They came in all different colors. I had intended to cut a piece out of the middle, so that it framed the word, but never got around to it. I also found these adorable fly swatters that look like frog heads, in all different colors, as well. They really love those.

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