How I almost died



I don’t have a current picture of my closet,  but this one shows some of the things I need.  See the brown wardrobe to the left of the filing cabinet?  OK, first off, I’ll just say it.  I did something really, really dumb today.  Besides the normal dumb stuff.  Never mind why, but I found myself standing on top of that wardrobe.  In my current closet configuration, the wardrobe is where the filing cabinet is and there is a dead space back in the corner that wasn’t being used.  In a moment, when I wasn’t really doing much thinking at all, I decided to put a rolled up carpet back in that dead space.  Apparently at the time, I thought the best way to do this was to stand on top of the wardrobe and pull the carpet up and over.  Dumb idea, the carpet got stuck a little and while trying to reposition it, OK, I was yanking on it, I managed to pull myself off balance and fall off of the wardrobe.  It all happened kind of in slow motion, and I remember thinking, “OK, so this is how you DIE…..”  But I managed to get my feet under me and landed on my feet.  I don’t seem to have hurt anything, but if I’m in pain tomorrow morning, I’ll  at least know why. 

And I’m SO not telling my principal that I got hurt falling off of a wardrobe, from six feet up in the air.  We are NOT having that conversation.  Fortunately, I probably won’t have to.  I mean, that makes teachers who stand on rolling chairs look smart……….

3 thoughts on “How I almost died

  1. Reminds me of the time I was “safely” on the second step of a ladder, wrapping paper around a pole in our room. Never mind why the stupid pole was there, but I was changing it into a lovely tree. Trouble was that I concentrated on my project to the point that I forgot I was on the ladder. I needed something, turned around, and simply “walked” to get it. I can’t walk in mid air- lol- so the landing was a bit rough. Sprained my ankle. My advice to you is to stay on the floor! Much safer!

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