The last work day before the kids show up…….

that’s if we don’t count the weekend.  But it was the last OFFICIAL work day.  We had open house in the afternoon.  One third of my kiddos showed up (And a couple of reluctant First Graders.  I had to practically drag one poor little boy and his mother down and introduce them to his new first grade teacher……… and give him the pep talk about how he was going to LOVE First Grade).  At the end of the day I went down and talked to the office staff, I still didn’t have those nice FAT kindergarten pencils or my new crayons for Monday. 

The District cut our office staff, so the lady who pulls supplies has had to take on extra duties and as a result spent most of the day helping students register all day, and at the end of the day, she was still putting together all of the attendance folders, so, no supplies.  So I went up to her and stood by her desk and waited.  She looked at me and kind of growled, “What now?!”   I said in reply, “You are going to be SO sorry you just said that that way…. ”   I then offered to help her by pulled all of the supplies for the teachers. It never hurts to have the office ladies on your side.  We finished up after 7:00 tonight and she and I were the last ones to leave the school.  She needed the help and I needed the supplies so it worked out.

Keep the office staff and the custodians happy and you can’t go wrong.


2 thoughts on “The last work day before the kids show up…….

  1. Never hurts to be nice to the lunch ladies either! 🙂

    Already had three new first graders stop by my room to complain! LOL “Mrs. Maurer, we don’t even have centers!” It’s a tough world. Get used to it.

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