I spent a chunk of my Saturday at school…. :(

But I did get a bunch done.  I got  the name tags done, the lunch cards done (had to glue the barcodes onto some card stock then laminate them- laminating consisting of using clear packing tape and putting two layers on each card), all the names on the cubbies, names on the glue sticks, the crayon boxes and the tables, and most of the room cleaned up so there isn’t stuff laying around.  Other than lesson plans, I think we’re ready.  Humm, lesson plans, I guess I should do something about them………


4 thoughts on “I spent a chunk of my Saturday at school…. :(

    • Our supply clerk ordered some of the big glue sticks, just for kindergarten so when I was helping her, I asked for a set for my class. Later she came by and saw me putting name tags on little glue sticks. I explained that I didn’t want to give out the big ones until I was sure they wouldn’t ruin them. She said, “Oh yeah, that’s right, kindergartners…..” They ARE funny, they bring the glue stick over and want help because they have extended the whole thing out and can’t get it back in, or they go off to lunch and leave the lid off.

    • What, you don’t LIKE my “poor boy” laminator? And don’t tell Mrs. Brunner that you suggested I get another toy.

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