The first week of school

The week is finally over, and I even got home by 7:00 pm! On Friday…. (had to get those pesky homework folders set up and loaded for Monday).  I do homework, but it’s really not much, a reading log for the week, name practice sheets right now, one number writing practice sheet, and that’s about it.  Later on, it’s mostly practice with their sight words and a little math.  Homework goes out on Monday and comes back on Friday.

I spent a lot of MY time with my kids this first week.  I spent my entire lunch period helping them in the lunchroom (until yesterday anyway, more on that later) and part of each of my preps getting them settled with the different specialists, so they wouldn’t freak out.  It might have taken up my time, but I think it paid off in keeping them from stressing out.  In each instance, they came back to me calmer and less stressed than they otherwise would have.   Still the first week of school takes it’s toll, a number of kids had meltdowns throughout the week,  One little girl was fine the whole week, and today was just too much for her.  We had to pry her off mom this morning, and have mom leave and then she threw a fit for about a half hour before she quieted down.

They have been amazing this week.  They have really started to come together with the routines and procedures.  I’m actually teaching now.  But I’m still having a hard time adjusting to the babies at the beginning of the year though.  I was still teaching my previous class just three weeks ago, and they are first graders now, so I have to get my brain into the right place, I’m still trying to get them to do things that are too hard for them.  Like write their names……….

These little guys crack me up.  I have at least 6 out of my 29 who have to sing in the bathroom every time they go.  I had a talk with the music teacher, apparently it’s not coming from her……

There are some seriously wacky kids in my class.  I have one boy I can’t understand a word he says.  The speech teacher was coming into my room to visit one of the kids she will be working with and I asked her to listen to him.  She pulled him out into the hall and did a quick diagnostic with him and OH YEAH, he’s a candidate.  In her short 5 minutes she also thinks he might be learning disabled as well, but it’s hard to tell with kindergartners.  Most of them anyway.  I have another little boy who can’t do ANYTHING with paper, glue, pencils or scissors.  He had one paper he was supposed to cut some parts out of and glue onto the other paper, he made confetti out of both papers.  I got him a couple more and demonstrated the task, he did it again.  He’s everywhere in the room too. Can’t sit still and is into everything.

I’ve been going into the lunchroom and helping my kids get their lunches, seated, and helping them with opening their milk,ketsup, etc.  One little boy had been a bit of a whiny pain all morning.  When he got to lunch yesterday, he deliberately poured his milk on the boy next to him.  So I chewed him out, and made him move over to a vacant table to eat his lunch in “timeout”.  A mother who was in the lunchroom, saw me and complained to the principal that I had yelled at him, (I did speak sternly, but I didn’t YELL) shook him (NOT true), drug him by the arm over to the other table and “slammed” him onto the bench( again not true, but probably her perception) all for no reason.  She didn’t know what he had been doing all morning, she didn’t apparently know about the milk, and frankly, I could not care a bit whether she thought I was “mean” or not.  But I did have to explain to the principal what happened and told her to talk to some of the other staff who were present and hear their side.  Never-the-less, I was uninvited from helping in the lunchroom.  Apparently, I need more time away from my children.  Like THAT will make me cry……

5 thoughts on “The first week of school

  1. Wonderful post. I can SO relate to this. You “tell it like it is.” We have a wonderful, but holy cow!! challenging job teaching kindergarten. I hope your year goes smooothly!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I am new to K and wondering if I was doing something wrong or had a group that somehow the other teachers had figured out they didn’t want. You have just described my class!

    • Nope, it’s pretty normal. The teacher next door was hired a month to 6 weeks into the year last year, so she missed the first weeks of school. She’s a good teacher and had one of the best behaved classes last year, even after two different long term substitute teachers at the beginning and an undiagnosed autistic child in the class. The first two or three days this week she was in tears. It was fun to see the smile come back onto her face towards the end of the week. She was exhausted, but was beginning to realize that it was going to be OK. She does have a couple of really bad criers in her class. But that should end eventually.

  3. I’m a parent, and I only know the stress from the parents angle….while I realized it was challenging for the teachers but never realized HOW challenging….Good luck … Keep up the good work.

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