Continuing Education

It’s one of the things we do to get more pay, and since the economy is in the tank and there are no raises in sight, more education moves one up the pay scale (at least until they figure out how to take that away too).  Anyway at the end of last year I put in for the step increase, then found out I was 3 credits short.  I had to take 3 credits and have them completed by the end of August.  So I signed up for an online class.  It finishes today, August 31st.  How’s that for cutting it close?  It’s an online class that normally runs for 5 weeks, only they condensed it into 3 weeks.  Which just happened to be the same three weeks as the end of last year, and the first week and a half of this year.  Now that’s just a dumb thing to do to yourself.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel though, three one page article critiques before midnight.  It wouldn’t have been so bad, except 50% of the grade fell on work done the same week as the first week of school.   Twenty-nine kindergartners.  Twenty-nine baby kindergartners.  Crying baby kindergartners.  They looked at the weekend last Friday with some relief.  When this morning rolled around and they realized that they were coming back to school to do the whole week over again, some of them were not happy.

It has been a tough week.

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