I have to laugh at my kids.

They are really getting adjusted to kindergarten.  Well, MOST of them anyway.  But it’s a struggle for some, apparently they have spend most of their 5 years of life as the center of SOMEONES  universe, and can’t understand why they have to compete for that role with 27 other kids now. (YES! if you have been keeping track, that means I lost one today. Apparently he moved out of state)  And silly kids, somewhere, a lot of them got the idea that if they didn’t want to do something, well, they just didn’t have to do it.  Huh, that doesn’t go over real well in MY class.  One little boy didn’t want to write his name, he hadn’t finished a single thing all morning.  I told him if he didn’t get something done, there would be no lunch recess.  He said he was just too tired, I told him to go to bed earlier and come to school ready to work.  He threw a real fit.  I had to practically drag him out of the room to sit in timeout on the playground so that I could go eat MY lunch.  I guess he persisted in that so long that he had to throw away half his lunch when I went to pick them up.  That made him real happy as well.

The first few weeks, the kindergartners hate the PE teacher.  Once they learn how to listen and follow directions, they love him.  The problem is that he has over 50 of them at one time for PE (two classes, if they are all there, it’s almost 60) and they don’t listen very well or follow directions very well, so he isn’t very fun.  Once they behave, he lightens up and everyone is happier.  But the little kids (mainly girls) who don’t like mean and gruff, don’t like him at first, even if he isn’t being mean and gruff to them specifically.  Two of my girls today tried to hang on me when I dropped them off.  They were perfectly happy  by the time I came back to get them.

And I have three who are probably going to be special needs kids.  One little boy doesn’t have a clue about what is going on in the class.  Hardly any language foundation at all.  He doesn’t seem to be able to even trace his name and there are only four letters in it., I finally taped his picture on his cubbie, because he can’t remember which one is his, doesn’t recognise his own name, and has no strategies to find it, like looking at his name tag and comparing it to the name on his cubbie.  In fact, I don’t think he can visually discriminate between one name and another.  He is pretty street smart though and swears like a sailor, not that he seems aware that anything is wrong with that……  He is always trying to be the leader, getting the other kids, or trying to get the other kids to follow him.  Although he has no clue where he’s going or what he is supposed to be doing.

Funny thing, his sister says he doesn’t listen at home either.  The only problem is, that I suspect that there is more to it than that he just doesn’t listen.


3 thoughts on “I have to laugh at my kids.

  1. Have you tried taping a swear word in his cubby? Just a suggestion. lol

    Those kids are so sad. Many like that in our area are the products of one or two generations of meth use.

    • 3.Since he doesn’t even recognise his name when he sees it, the swear word probably wouldn’t do much good. lol He IS sad though, I don’t think he WANTS to be trouble, it’s just that school is so far out of his element that he doesn’t know how to relate. He gets frustrated that I’m always calling his name…….

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