I Took My Class to the Library……

 I took my frog

Our special today was library.  I always potty break them before dropping them off at specials.  You never know how busy it will be at the bathrooms.  Today we got done early and had to wait a few minutes, so I had them sit down in line along the wall.  I sat accross from them and played a game where I would do something new and they would have to figure out what it was and copy me.  Finally the librarian came out to get them and as she was taking them into the library, she asked if I was going to be able to get up off the floor.  Honesty!  But to add insult to injury, one of my kids pipped up,  “He’s OLD!”


4 thoughts on “I Took My Class to the Library……

  1. That’s too funny. I, too, got down on the floor with my babies today to do a small group activity, and I had a hard time getting up! The group I was working with thought it was hilarious that I even sat down on the carpet with them in the first place.

    You last comment on my blog made me laugh out loud!! Yes, I DO wish they would just shut the hell up most of the time!! We don’t even get any kind of recess that I can hold over mine. Sometimes I threaten to take away their prep, usually gym because it has the biggest impact, but then I’m just punishing myself because I have to keep them with me and then I can’t always get my work done. I’ve started telling the gum teacher that the offender is in trouble and that he/she should just sit out and watch everyone else play. So far, it’s been working well. 🙂

    And, yeah, I’m thinking of changing my name. 😉

    • Gym wouldn’t work as a threat for me, they are still afraid of the PE teacher. He has two kinder classes for PE which puts him at almost 60, so until they can behave, he’s pretty gruff. They love him later, but with little to no experience with him, they are still afraid of him. If I used that as a threat, some of them would act out so they could get out of PE. There’s a couple of little girls who like to raise a fit if they think I’ll have sypmathy for them. One of them asked where we were going the other day, I told them to Art, and she started to get this sad face, then checked to see my reaction. I looked at her and said, “Oh stop it! You LIKE the art teacher.” So she just sighed, and went in. I’m not THAT big of a push over. I mean, I know it’s hard for them to adjust to school, and I’ll have some sympathy and cut them some slack, but don’t let me catch you taking advantage of it……..

  2. I never, ever sit on the floor because I really would have to have help to get up. I have a plate and eight screws in my leg and I can’t let it rest on the floor- rubs the screws and hurts. I’m also old and have trouble with my knees. My students are used to it. I suspect that when I finally give in to using a cane they will be completely fine with it.

    My students love music class! That’s always the best day of the week.

    • I’ve been having some trouble with my arthritis the last week or so. I’m sure they were only repeating to the librarian what they have heard me say several times as I’ve gotten up from sitting. Even from a chair it can be difficult for the first couple of steps.

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