Some Children……….

Nineteen out of my twenty-nine students are girls.  At LEAST three of my boys are going to have trouble keeping up this year.


Today we were doing a math page from our math series.  Our current unit is numbers 0-5.  This  page was showing the different number combinations for the number 4.  1 and 3, 2 and 2, 3 and 1,  and finally on this side, 0 and 4.  This is how they should have done it, and most of the kids did this, or pretty close to it.


But this is one of my poor babies, and he is this way on almost EVERYTHING he does.  (At least he knows HOW to hold a pencil, or in this case a crayon) Definitely following a different drummer than most of the rest of us.  When he messes up he really looks puzzled like he doesn’t have a clue………… which of course he doesn’t………

Can’t sit still, doesn’t listen (or can’t), wants to help EVERYBODY, but manages to do it wrong of course.  He is the only person in the room that hears HIS name more than I hear mine…….

I just don’t know what I’m doing to do with him.  Different kid and different problem, but the school itself wasn’t very helpful with my problem kids last year, and I can only do so much in my room.


7 thoughts on “Some Children……….

  1. I cannot believe you have TWENTY-NINE students in a kindergarten class!!! That is just too many. And then how was no one checking to notice that 2/3 of your class is girls? My district is really anal about that – a balance of gender and ethnicity in each class, and also high/middle/low. (That’s why it takes so long to create class lists at the end of they year. ;-)) Good luck!!! Sounds like your first week went well.

    • Between 25-30 is probably the norm in our district with a few either above or below. Some of the actual count is Principal preference on staffing placement. The district uses a formula to allocate teachers to a school, and then the Principal can move them around some between grade levels. My current principal hasn’t reduced our numbers that much, but she has managed to get us basically one aide per teacher, which I’ve never had before. As far as ratio of boys to girls, it works out, the teacher next door has about 20 boys and about 10 girls……(Hey, it works on paper…….) We have always done something like you describe at my schools as well, but not this year. They refused any input from classroom teachers last year on placement for this year. Who knows WHAT they were thinking.

  2. I’ve got 28 kids. This year, for the first time in YEARS in have more girls than boys, and, I don’t care how politically incorrect it is to say, girls are easier to deal with in school than boys.

    I always have 27-29 kids. Whew.

    As for the the “outliers.” Every class has one or two. They’re the reason teachers don’t get enough sleep. One of the hardest part of teaching kindergarten is helping the parents of kids who just aren’t “normal” to accept this reality….

    • I don’t think school as we define it, was “made” for boys. They need more physical activity, more hands-on and sometimes more time to develop, before we dump on them what we do. That’s not to say that girls don’t need the same considerations, just that they seem to in general terms handle school as we do it, a bit better.

  3. Meet him where he is and take him from there. Unfortunately, you will never have all kids following along with the prescribed curriculum. My heart goes out to you, because our jobs are not easy!
    Especially in kindergarten, you have children who have had “school” since they were 2 and some who have parents who never taught their child a thing. “Their teacher can do that.” No one understands a kindergarten classroom unless they have taught it.
    My best advice. Give them time. Their biggest concern right now is “who am I?, who are you?, how do I fit in?” The rest will come. Or not. The gift of another year in K is never a bad thing!

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