My annual shoelace post.




It seems like AT LEAST once a year one of my kids does this…….  This year I must have over achievers, this was in the first two weeks…….


I have two of these board books that teach how to tie your laces.  The directions are right there, in pictures, step by step.  AND THEY DON’T HAVE YOU ENDING UP ANYTHING LIKE THIS.  But this is a pretty good indicator of how well they all follow directions this year………


12 thoughts on “My annual shoelace post.

    • Yeah, they crack me up. And it happens every year at least once. A couple of years ago I had three of them at the end of the day tie their laces together just before trying to get on the school bus. They couldn’t climb up the steps, and the PE teacher had to lift them onto the bus. I don’t know how they got off at the other end……

  1. I’ve heard of kindergarten teachers who REFUSE to tie student shoelaces as a matter of principle.

    I’ve always taken the opposite tack—I’m happy to oblige. I don’t spend that much time tying shoes and it keeps the kids safe from tripping and perhaps feeling cared for.

  2. Wait til they get to fifth grade and don’t tie them at all. They do that thing where the laces go straight across and the extra goes under the tongue. And then when they say their feet hurt or their shoes fall off, I tell them it’s because they don’t tie their shoes. They argue with me until I say, “If you can walk out of your shoes, THEY ARE NOT TIED RIGHT.” Then I offer to tie them so they don’t fall off. They stop complaining. 😉

  3. Talking about me behind my back?? LOL I NEVER tie shoelaces. Absolutely one of the nastiest things on earth. They never get washed; they are kept in a closet or under the bed with bugs, rats, and pets; they are licked by the dog and dragged through the bathroom, where by the way they are often dripped upon. I always tell my kids that tying shoes is bad for my hands because I have arthritis, which is true and I do. They have so many options now! If a kid can’t tie his shoes then the parents need to buy another kind of shoe! And I will tell them that in person, with love and a smile.

  4. I tie laces at least 5 times a day. I teach 1st graders though. Usually I will remember to double knot the bows but sometimes I forget and end up retying laces for the same kids. I have about 5 of my kids who can tie, 2 or 3 who don’t have laces, and the rest fit into the above category or have parents who tie them in double knots in the morning. The worst is after recess when they empty out the sand in their shoes…LOL

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