Next Week is a Four Day Week…….. for the kids.

Teachers on the other hand, have to show up on Monday, at the usual time and be bored to tears all day.  At 2:09 today, they sent out an email that said this:

On Monday we will have an all day training on Personal Narrative in the library from 8:30 – 3:16.  Please bring your Write Tools Binder. It is requested that you bring 2 sets of student samples if you have them available as we would like to quickly review writing strategies we used last year. Also, please check and let me know if you need a personal narrative insert for your Write Tools Binder.

At 2:09….. and school gets out at 3:10.

One of my favorite sayings is, “A failure to prepare on YOUR part, does not constitute an emergency on MY part.”  Heck, they knew we would be doing staff development  last spring.

And I just have oodles of  FINE examples of Narrative Writing from my kindergarteners that have been in school now for lets see…….TWENTY EIGHT days.  Some of them can even write their names.  Wanna bet, they don’t have anything else planned for the kinder and even the first grade teachers?  What a stinking waste of time Monday is going to be…….


5 thoughts on “Next Week is a Four Day Week…….. for the kids.

  1. We’re teaching narrative writing in kindergarten?

    Oh, man, give me a break.

    How many ADULTS (not counting bloggers) do you know who write narratives, you know, because their work demands this skill?

    Who comes up with these educational goals? Are they capable of thinking, let alone writing?

    • But it’s so “logical”, the CRT’s (criterion referenced tests) are in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade and the writing parts include one using personal narrative, so just push that down, and down and down, until you are at kindergarten………

  2. I’m right there with ya! In addition to the narrative writing, which I’m supposed to have displayed all over the room, the powers that be would like to see math extended response questions/answers, and some sort of extended written response for science & social studies. Yeah, OK! Just like your little darlings, half of mine still can’t write their darn names yet! Give me a break!

    • Well, it was even LESS applicable for the Special Ed Pre-K teacher, the PE, Music, and Art teachers, all of who had to sit through it. I don’t know what they expect, when the instruction is given to a such a broad range of age and ability groups. They haven’t convinced me yet that what is applicable for 5th grade is applicable for kindergarten.

      It seems to me, if you are going to pay all of these peoples salaries to spend a day in inservice, that you would try to find something for each group instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. At LEAST break us up into smaller groups where the primary grades address things on their level and the upper grades on theirs. Even that is hard sometimes for kindergarten. Kindergarten is nothing like second grade. But it’s even LESS like 5th. And a couple of times the presenter actually indicated that she had been directed to focus the inservice on 4th and 5th grade end product.

      Can I apply some of it to kindergarten? Sure IF we do it whole group with a class journal or writing activity. Maybe if we teach it whole group, when they get to second or third grade it might be easier for them to do? Can or will they ever during their year in kindergarten, be able to apply any of this to independent writing? Not with a 29 to 1 student teacher ratio.

      I took writing samples in. Friday, I gave my kids a test. Write your first and last name, or as much of it as you can. About 60% of my kids can write their first names accurately. Hey it’s only been 6 weeks…. About a third of the 60% can write their last namese as well. That was MY narrative writing sample. Why is it that the kids with the longest names can write theirs, and the ones with the shortest, easiest names can’t?

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