We have had an ant problem.  I have put in two requests for spraying.  When they started dropping on us from the drop ceiling I decided it was too much.  I invited the custodian down to watch them crawling around in the light fixture.  He allowed that I really did have a problem, but couldn’t say when the district might get around to doing something.  He said that I “could” put out ant bait for them.  So I bought about a dozen of them.  I put a bunch up in the ceiling, and  all along the wall by the outside door where the nest is, just outside.


Since even when they do vacuum, they don’t do a “real” good job, I have about a 6-8 foot section of wall now with the little carcasses piled up like this………

7 thoughts on “Ants

  1. YUCK! I had a similar problem in my kindergarten classroom last year. Here’s what worked for me: Avon skin-so-soft. Wherever the ants were crawling and coming in, I would douse the area with Avon skin-so-soft. The ants hate it and my room smelled really good. 🙂
    It’s not a complete solution, merely a band-aid. But it will keep the critters away from where you and the kids are working, etc.

  2. OMG that is disgusting!

    I second the idea of inviting parents in. That’s the only way anything gets done is if parents complain. Our heater was broken yesterday and the temp in my school ranged from 37 to 58 degrees. Admin said, “We’re all cold.” Once parents found out, they sent over a space heater and bought a second one (that showed up at 2:40 – school is over at 3:30). Is it evil that we got one of the aides (who is also a parent) to start the avalanche of parent phone calls? 🙂

    • Only in our district, if they find out. For some reason they don’t like us giving parents information that might help them……

  3. As a parent, I love being invited in to read a story to my children. If I “accidentally” notice ants that I can help solve that problem… hmmmm. It is called troubleshooting.

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