Art Today

How do you convince the specialists that they shouldn’t send kindergarteners to the bathroom by themselves?  Today while my kids were in art, one of the teachers brought one of my students to me that she had found crying in the hall.  The little girl has been in my class (and our school) for less than a week.  You can get lost in our newer  “indoor” schools until you learn your way around and this little girl had gone to the bathroom and couldn’t find her way back, either to Art or to our room.  She was sobbing uncontrollably.  I walked her back to the Art room and suggested to the Art teacher (for the second time) that she shouldn’t let kindergarteners out alone – especially new ones…..


5 thoughts on “Art Today

  1. I hesitate to send mine to the bathroom- for a dozen reasons- and I’m across the hall from it! 🙂

    Poor thing probably won’t want to return to art for a while. Good thing someone noticed her. Do you have hall cameras?

    • Yeah, she is one of my little “lost souls” to begin with, kind of clueless, always a little dirty, scruffy, gets food all over herself at lunch, gets little bruises here and there, just from playing, one of those little kids I’m always kind of shaking my head thinking, “What am I going to do with you?” They have cameras, but they aren’t monitored, they just go back and look at things if they want to know what happened, or who did something, after the fact.

  2. Just out of curiosity, what’s the policy on kids alone in the hall during fire drills? Does anyone round them up or tell them what to do?

    • Yes, there is a procedure in place. When a drill takes place, the teacher notifies the office of any missing children. The teacher than takes care of the students they have, and other staff take care of anyone found in the halls and also check the bathrooms. This also applies to any other kind of emergency drill.

  3. This sounds exactly like something that would happen at the Hell-Hole! As a matter of fact, it DID happen. I just now remembered that the same thing happened to one of my babies. The class was on the FOURTH FLOOR, in the gym, and the gym teacher let one of mine go to the bathroom. Now, the only thing ON the 4th floor is the gym, so the baby had to go down at least one floor to even FIND a bathroom. Then, just like yours, mine couldn’t find the gym again, or even our room, which was 2 floors down. Luckily, one of his siblings happened to find him crying in the hall and brought him to me. What is wrong with people? How ’bout some common sense here, folks!!

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