Today was a Marvelous Day…… or something….

At my year round school we have 5 rotation groups, one being out on break at any given time.  A week and a half ago, they made staffing adjustments based on the annual “count day” and we lost three teachers at our school.  So they moved teachers and kids around to adjust everything and one of the things that did was mess up our preparation times this rotation segment.   I normally have my prep time from 1:25 to 2:15 every day.  But one day this rotation, they scheduled us in the morning during second hour.  And of course it would have to be Friday.  The first time, I forgot and was almost 15 minutes late.  Today, I remembered before school started and set an electronic timer to go off a few minutes before.  That went well.  But it really makes for a LOOONNNGGG afternoon.  And it’s Friday afternoon……..

Today went pretty good though.  I dumped the book we were supposed to read in Language Arts, (it was the THIRD of four times we are supposed to read it, and it isn’t good enough for four times.  Our unit theme works around the kitchen and cooking, and one of the books we have done is “Hold the Anchovies”, a pretty good book on pizza.  We’ve talked about recipes, where the ingredients come from, etc.  So I decided to read “The Little Red Hen” to them, and I made it a project.  I have puppets for the parts, I have a big book, I also brought in some wheat, still in it’s stalks.  We took a head or two of the wheat apart and I showed them how to get the kernels of wheat out and discard the chaff.  Then I had some bulk wheat that had already been cleaned and we ground some of it in a hand grinder.  I also brought in homemade bread, jelly and honey and they all got to eat a piece.  In the past I used to bring in bread machines and bake the bread right in the room, but I don’t have the bread machines anymore. 

For the last month or so, I’ve baked all of our bread.  I’ve decided that I like baking my bread in the oven,  instead of the bread machines. I have more control over how it comes out.   I can make whole wheat bread that is really a nice texture, not like the heavy stuff I remember from when I was a kid.

Anyway, the afternoon went pretty fast with the activities and we ended up with a surprise ending to the day when a mom showed up with cupcakes and juice for her daughters birthday (it was only a surprise because I had forgotten that she was doing it).


3 thoughts on “Today was a Marvelous Day…… or something….

  1. I love being able to do things like this with the babies. Up until the Big Switch this past Tuesday, I didn’t think I’d be able to do anything this year, with 34+ kids and all. But, now my list is down to 25, and all but about 5 are supposed to be excluded now because they are out of medical compliance. (What the heck!? How were they allowed to register for kdg. without a physical!!? Argh! But, that’s another rant for another day!) Yesterday, I only had 20 babies for the day. woo hoo!! It was NICE! It almost made up for the fact that I didn’t get a prep for 3 freakin’ days thanks to all the switching around that was done this week.

    • They have some policy in our district that will allow a child to start school without full documentation, i.e. they have 30 days to get a birth certificate, and about the same to prove their shot record or get the shots. Sometimes it takes the office awhile to follow through on the time limits. And sometimes kids get missed. The school I’m at right now has mostly the same demographics as my last school, but I think my last school was a little lower economically. We had a lot more kids like you are talking about, and parents that just didn’t seem to get it done until they had to.

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