At the end of the day dismissal

At the end of the day, parents gather outside the gate to the kindergarten playground to pick up their kids.  It’s too congested at the gate, so when the bell rings, the gate is unlocked and they come to our rooms or in the case of two of our classes without outside doors, to the hall doors and we release them to the parent or older sibling.  Normally the teacher next door opens her door, takes about three steps and unlocks the gate.  But for the last two weeks and for the next week, her class has been on break.  I have to leave my class in the room, walk down, unlock the gate and then walk back.

At first they were pretty good about sitting there on the floor with their backpacks and waiting for me to get back.  But lately, they have started sneaking over to the door and peeking out.  They think it’s great fun (they are SO scared of me).  The other day I walked out, then quickly turned around and waited by the door, then jumped out and scared them.  The timing was just right, a whole bunch of them were almost to the door and I caught them in mid stride.  All the parents thought that was hilarious.


3 thoughts on “At the end of the day dismissal

  1. Our parents are in a “car line” and we walk our students out under a covered walkway and put them into their car. It takes about twenty minutes, but the parents appreciate it, especially during bad weather. Of course many of our students ride the bus, too.

    • Our school has access from he_ _ . We are almost a block back off of a very busy street, with one driveway in and out. Left turning out is almost impossible and right turn traffic can be backed up for blocks BEFORE the traffic from the school tries to get out. As a teacher, I don’t even think about getting into my car until school has been out for at least a half hour.

  2. That’s really funny. There really are no ‘small things’ we can do for kids as far as parents are concerned-especially when it comes to making kids laugh. I like how you say…”sometimes they teach me”, That shows where your heart is. 🙂

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