Today We Started “The Test”

District test, given three times a year at or near the end of each trimester.  They had a big testing meeting yesterday where they give us all of the testing procedures, all the does and don’ts of test giving.   You know, like cover all the alphabets up in the room, and all the numbers.  Yeah, right, they don’t have enough butcher paper at my school.  ALL the tables have alphabets  and numbers to 20 on their individual name tags.  I have maybe 10 alphabets up around the room and about the same for numbers to 20.  I refuse to cover them up.  The kids smart enough to look don’t need to, and the ones who would need to,  are too clueless.   Pages of testing rules and procedures, that we all had to sign off on.  The principal was adamant that we follow all of the procedures as outlined.  One of the 5th grade teachers raised his hand and asked about the help (extra proctors) that was required for classes with over 28 students, (that would be half the school).  Well, no,  there would be no extra proctor help,  we would just have to make do.

Funny how rules and procedures can be so situational…….. for some people.

I hate taking time away from teaching to do all of the testing.  When you mess up the routine for several days like this, it takes DAYS to get the routine back.  I also hate watching normally smart kids picking the wrong answers on the tests too.  The only consolation is that half of the low kids get lucky on their guesses to sort of balance it out.

On one of the math pages, they had to pick the one out of four pictures that did not fit the set.  Three cakes and a fish.  They pick the cake they like.  Wonderful.  Three flowers and a bear, they choose one of the flowers.  A marker, a crayon, a pencil and a cat,  they choose the pencil.    Go figure.


2 thoughts on “Today We Started “The Test”

  1. I noticed on a recent test that one of my students marked answers in a pattern- right, left, right, left. He got four answers correct out of twelve! Who knows how brilliant he might have been with right, right, left, left. 🙂

    • Mine aren’t that into creating repeating patterns. They usually just mark all the first ones, or all the middle ones or something like that. One of my collegues was going crazy the other day because she had a kid that somehow, managed to mark all the wrong answers, logic says if you are guessing, you would hit a right answer occaisionally….

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