Note from our Principal about Halloween next week

Email from the Principal this morning.

“Classes may have their Halloween parties on Friday, October 30th. Some intermediate teachers have elected not to have a party. If you are planning a celebration you may draft your own note home. According to the guidelines, parties are the last 20 minutes of the school day. Students may dress up in their costumes. ONLY kindergarten and 1st grade will parade through the school.  Students may change into their costumes no earlier than 2:45.

There are many academic games you can play during your party with a festive theme. Remember there may be students in your class who will not be able to celebrate Halloween.”

The three kindergarten teachers who will be here next week got together  and decided that if the party was only for 20 minutes, and they can’t get into costumes until 2:45, and we get out at 3:10, we didn’t want to even TRY to do the parade.  As grade level chair, I went to the Principal and told her we didn’t want to do the parade.

1.  SHE thinks the kindergarten kids are “cute” in their costumes.

2. SHE thinks we should do the parade.  She wants to see them.

3. But she isn’t giving us any help. 

Hummm, lets see, 29 kids and one teacher…..  

She said, but you will have lots of parents. 

I said, I had ONE parent last year…..

Oh yeah, and don’t forget the academic games for the 20 minute party.



8 thoughts on “Note from our Principal about Halloween next week

  1. What The Heck?!? That’s got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve heard a principal say! The babies should just be allowed to wear their costumes all day, for Pete’s sake!! How are you supposed to do a parade AND have a party in 20 freakin’ minutes!?

    Our babies have always dressed for the whole day. We don’t always do a parade, although the past couple of years we have. I almost prefer NOT to do the parade, since all it does is get the big kids all riled up. (The way we’ve done it in the past is that K-2 or 3 are allowed to dress and walk up and down the halls, from the 1st floor to the 3rd, while the older kids stand in the hall outside their classrooms and cheer [= scream like assbags!!]. Then, the primary teachers are given goodie bags for all their kids to pass out at the end of the day.

    I usually don’t do parties for anything. All it does is get the kids acting even crazier than usual. I always bring them treats for all the different holidays, but I pass them out when we’re ready to go home. Some of the parents send candy (even when I say NOT to!) so I let those kids pass out whatever they brought, and that’s it. I know, I’m mean. If the kids didn’t act like little animals, I’d be more willing to do the party thing. Don’t get me wrong, once in a blue moon we have a “party.” (Like for the 100th Day) But, all it takes is about 10 minutes to remind me why I don’t like to do them. 😦

    • I don’t do “parties” either. It’s usually, “OK, we are going to have treats.” And I send as much of THAT home with them as I can….. They usually don’t care much for the games anyway, they are more interested in the loot.

  2. 20 minutes?

    Was your principal ever 5 years old?

    Has she lost her memory of childhood completely?

    And who does she think she is telling you how long your party can last?

    If one of your kids shows up in a clown outfit, in memory of Soupy Sales, RIP, why not supply this kid with a big cream pie and instructions for how to deliver it to your principal’s face?

    • I’ve known her for about 10 years, as an aquaintance, and we worked one year at the same school 10 years ago, it was on that basis that I chose to come work for her. Administration changes people. And I honestly don’t know if or when she was ever in the classroom or for how long. She was a reading specialist 10 years ago. When we tried to op out of the parade, she did say that the costume dress up time and the parade wouldn’t count as part of the 20 minute party time. But it is still very short. And we don’t want to do the parade anyway. Especially if it’s only kinder and first grade.
      And as far as telling us how long we can party, well, she IS the Principal………

  3. We are ALL arriving in our costumes Friday, even the staff. I don’t like Halloween all that much, but I can endure for our kids. Our rule is that costumes must be designed so the children can take them off if they get tired or hot, they can go to the bathroom without help, and they can eat at the table with us. Many bring extra clothes for later in the day. We have our party at noon, then centers, then go to recess, then rotation class, then home.Why try to make an academic day out of it??? Our party is usually thirty minutes just because the kids are done by then. I usually have 6 to 8 parents. They are a big help with sodas and cleanup. We have a holiday party in December, a Valentine party, and an end of the year party.

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