Alphabet Books

There’s LOTS of alphabet books out there, and I do like collecting them.  What with teaching kindergarten and all……

Anyway, I bought this one awhile back.


The other day I pulled it out and we were reading it together.  Everything was going great until we got to this page:


And we had this dialog, “T is for Elephant……..Why?”  Thoughtful silence for a bit, then this one boy wildly raised his hand,  “Oh, I KNOW!”

“Yes, Johnny?”

“It’s for “HORNY!!!”

Choking I manage to sputter, “No the sound we are looking for is “T” as in, (turn the page) TRUMPET, elephants TRUMPET with their trunks and anyway, they are called tusks, not horns.”

3 thoughts on “Alphabet Books

  1. glad to see this book is still around. My copy has an orange cover and is well read by students and teachers alike. I will never get to the elephant page again with the same smooth sailing feeling. I enjoy your children and your stories every time I visit your site.

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