And then there’s this.

Apparently one can get quite involved at circle time.

I neither SAW or FELT this going on…………I have no idea who did it…to me…..



9 thoughts on “And then there’s this.

  1. Now that is very spooky, that could be my shoe (I have one exactly the same) my jeans ( exactly the same) and my laces were tied exactly the same when I woke up this morning ( I have been sleeping with my shoes on lately for reasons that are no ones business – the world is indeed laced with mystery.

    • Flippant comments, you say? I doubt any of my kindergarteners have been at your shoes….. for hemispheric reasons. Usually they are doing this to each other in some vain attempt to keep the laces from coming untied. But mine weren’t untied….

  2. Wow! Amazing you didn’t feel anything. Once or twice over the years I’ve had the kid sitting right in front of me pull on my laces in an attempt to untie them. But I double knot my laces. Why is that? The kid sitting right in front of me is often sitting there for a reason, like getting into mischief.

    • I don’t know, I might have felt it and just ignored it, I double knot mine too. I do believe in setting them an example after all.

    • It’s my own fault, how could I NOT be aware of what 29 kindergartners are doing? To be unaware is to do so at your own peril…. Case in point. I could almost wonder what was going on elsewhere that I didn’t notice. But usually you REALLY don’t want to know…. You might NEED to know, but you really don’t WANT to.

  3. Whoever the kid is, he or she has some darn good small motor skills. Just look at the neatness. Had this happen to me a few times when I worked with preschoolers. The little buggers were small and stealthy.

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