Somebody in my room thinks they swim, build dams, and eats wood………


It’s one of those nice BIG Kindergarten pencils too.  I wanted to just dunk it in the hand sanitizer.


7 thoughts on “Somebody in my room thinks they swim, build dams, and eats wood………

  1. What!?! It’s a perfectly functional pencil. If you don’t mind the slivers in your fingers…….. And you know, I asked, not a SINGLE kid in my class did it, or everyone did it, depending on who you ask.

  2. Someone in your class has got a lot of anxiety. Poor kid. I suppose you could paint your pencils with that bad-tasting compound sold to discourage fingernail chewing. Or figure out the sources of anxiety (DIBELS tests?) and ban them from your classroom.

    Don’t throw the pencil away: give it to your principal.

    • I’ll have to give the next one to the principal. I already threw it away…. You really hate DIBELS that much? I know it has problems, but I think it helps me. Especially for RTI. I have to get help for some of these kids somehow, and if DIBELS will get it done, I’ll do it. If I don’t make a big deal about the tests, they don’t seem to get stressed so much.

      I do have some stressed kids though, I have a couple of wonderful Hispanic kids who feel a little lost because they don’t understand very much English.

      I don’t know if the pencil chewer is stressed or just one of my babies that still chews on EVERYTHING. I have some pretty “young” kids this year.

  3. I don’t have photos, but I have your kid beat by a landslide. I have one that bites the metal ends off his pencils, eats crayons, cuts anything and everything with scissors, and sucks his glue bottle. I took the bottle away and he licked the glue off his paper!

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