Parent Conference Progress Update

Friday when I should have sent home  parent-teacher conference confirmations, I remembered AFTER the last child had left.  So Monday mornings conference wasn’t confirmed, and one of my Tuesday morning confirmations didn’t get home on Monday, because the child was absent on Monday. Other than that, it has gone pretty well.  If I don’t count those two, out of 15 scheduled conferences, I had 11 of them.  Not bad.

Tomorrow, there isn’t any school for the students.  I have 11 conferences scheduled during the day tomorrow.  I’ll try to  get the rest of them made up or finished on Thursday or Friday.  So far they are going really well.   It’s been nice to be able to talk to so many of the parents and tell them just how great their children are, and how well they are doing.  Putting together the report cards and the material for the conferences made me realize that my class really was doing better than I had previously thought.  There is this small core of about 5 kids who are really struggling, but the rest of them actually are doing pretty well.


4 thoughts on “Parent Conference Progress Update

  1. It’s truly amazing how much kindergarten kids learn these days, and how much we teach. I’ve been at this long enough to remember when we’d be happy when 6 year olds were this far down the path in November of first grade. Maybe 30 years from now kids will come into kindergarten reading and texting each other on their cell phones.

    • And some of them DO actually bring cell phones now. I haven’t had any who’s parents KNEW they had the cell phone yet, but they have brought them.

  2. You can have a cell phone with no minutes or contract and they still have to allow 911 calls. I think some parents (not necessarily kindergarten) have their kids carry one of those. I have heard that they also have special phones with limited connectivity, that can only call certain numbers, like home etc.

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