OK, I’ve never had THIS happen.

I’ve got one little boy who is bilingual, and by that I mean nobody can understand him in either language…..   He came up to me mid way through the morning this morning and mumbled something about the bathroom.  I said, “Sure, you can use the bathroom.”  He goes in, is in there for a bit and comes back out and drags me into the bathroom with him.  I’m in a difficult position.  I’m trying to keep the door open, so there’s no problems and I’m trying to understand what he’s trying to tell me.  I couldn’t understand him (I seldom can).  I’m trying to keep the other kids out of his business…..  I flush the toilet (someone previous hadn’t)  Nope, that wasn’t it.  I lifted the seat for him.  Nope that wasn’t it.  I finally figured out what I thought the problem was.  I sent him down to the nurse with another boy.  I then called the nurse and told her that I thought he wanted a potty seat for the toilet and I didn’t have one.

A while later she brings  him back and said, “Yes, that’s EXACTLY what he wants, and I don’t have one either.”  She said she called the dad, who said he would call the mom.  In the mean time, she took him into the bathroom and tried to get him to use the regular seat.  No go. 

Finally, mom showed up, took him into the bathroom, and about 10 minutes later, everybody was happy.  Hopefully there will be some training at home…..

This group of kids are SO young.  I’ve had several that are just marginally potty trained.  I never had this problem when I didn’t have bathrooms in my room………  Well, if I had this or similar problems, I didn’t know about them, BECAUSE I didn’t have bathrooms in my room…..



4 thoughts on “OK, I’ve never had THIS happen.

  1. My sister who is a preschool (pre K) teacher tells me that more and more 4 year olds are not potty trained where she works. This worries me. It seems like we’re expected to teach more and more academics to kids who are younger and younger. I’ve had way more bathroom accidents than usual this year. What’s up?

    • Same here, lots of accidents this year, they aren’t chronologically much younger than last years group, but developmentally, they seem WAY younger. And it’s not just the bathroom, we are just now getting to where they can write and even copy from the board. And by board I mean even small white boards at their seats.

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