Rotation Break

We went out on break at Thanksgiving and don’t go back to school until after New Years.  In the year-round scheduling in our district I was on Rotation One last year, and switched to Rotation Five this year.  Because of that, other than a few short days in August between years, I haven’t had a break since Spring Break back in April. 

Today, I spent some time at school cleaning and shutting down my room for the rest of the break.  I still have stuff to do tomorrow, but I got a lot done today.  One of my kids showed up ready for class…….  It would help if parents looked in, and cleaned out their backpacks once in a while.

Custodial has a list of things they need to do in my room over the break, strip and wax the tile and shampoo the carpet for starters.  (We’ll see if it all gets done, there’s a lot of time between now and New Years, but only a few actual days outside of their regular daily schedule where they can do the work.)

One of the things I’m doing is relocating my Smartboard.  It’s a little complicated because they chose not to mount them on the wall.  You have to place them where you can still connect it, the computer and the projector all up to the correct outlets and have it work and have room for the kids between the projector and the Smartboard.  I think I’m going to like the new arrangement better.  I should get it all done tomorrow, then I’m free!!!


2 thoughts on “Rotation Break

  1. Wow, enjoy your break. I know I will! Thanks to a last-minute PD I have to attend on Thursday, I only have 6 days left with my kids. Oh, and New Principal dropped this little bomb on us today in our staff meeting…we’re expected to put on a freakin’ Christmas assembly next Friday. Yeah…right…What the hell can I teach them to perform in 6 days? Oh, and it can’t interfere with ANY instructional time. Can you hear me laughing my ass off all the way out there? 😉

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