Not quite there yet…..

Technically I’m on break, but I’m not quite free yet.  My principal required us all to turn in our lesson plan books for her to look at while we are out.  I had to make sure everything was in order, I had one week I hadn’t done written plans.  Both our reading program and our math program have “pacing calendars” that we have to follow, so the plans aren’t a really big deal……unless they want to look at them…… With all the teacher’s guides and the things they don’t want us to deviate from, I sometimes wonder why we write plans the way they want them in the first place, at least with all the little procedures and objectives, I mean, they are already there for the most part in the guides.    I usually build my plans either off of the previous week or the previous years plans, or a combination of the two.  With all the cutting and pasting on the computer, I found a bunch of little things I hadn’t changed.  Got it all fixed, at least as good as it’s going to get and turned them in today.  Just have a little work left to do straightening out the room and I’m done.

  Since I was working at school today, I was there, but didn’t attend the staff meeting, but I heard about it.  Apparently she got upset when half of her staff got up half way through her meeting and went  out for playground duty.  Go figure.  Who put them all on the duty and then scheduled the staff meeting at that time in the first place?   She was talking about a parent night that is coming up and she wants Smartboard demonstrations for the parents  on all grade levels.  I’m thinking, great, SHOW all the  nice expensive technology so the school can get ripped off.  Since not all rooms have Smartboards, the principal was talking about having other teachers use the rotation out teachers boards when they go out on break.  I don’t think she’s really thought that through.  Someone wants to take it into their room and only use it for three weeks?  Or they get it and when we come back we don’t?  That’d be crazy.   Maybe after using one they wouldn’t want one, but I think most people would love it.  I can’t imagine going back to teaching without one.  So how is everyone going to feel when they have to give them back?  The other thing is that she only gave ONE Smartboard to Kindergarten.  I have it.  I’m on break.  Since I don’t really want to have it taken out of my room and “shared” and since she really didn’t plan ahead with this,  I’ve really packed up all the parts all over the room.

That probably wasn’t necessary, after all, half the cables are mine, the sound system is mine, the laptop is mine, the projector is mine……  All I had to do was take MY stuff home, so it wouldn’t walk off out of my room.  (which has happened in the past, come back from break and try to find your personal stuff that someone has helped themselves to) What they are left with is one Smartboard, and that’s pretty much it.  Good luck with that.  They bought the boards, but not all the stuff you need to go with them.

Sometimes they aren’t very “with it”.  They had an annual count day awhile back and adjusted the teacher assignments across the district base on actual enrollment.  We lost  two or three teachers, which meant classes needed to be consolidated.  Mostly, people got moved around from school to school. Forunately I don’t think anyone lost their jobs.   But they now  have to redo all the schedules every time the rotation changes.   The consolidation has been done for two rotations now, but nobody gets the actual specialist’s schedule until the first day back.  Which plays heck with all those lesson plans everyone is supposed to have done in advance.  Monday, the schedule is in everyones mailboxes.  Big schedule changes for almost everybody.  So that means teachers have to go back in and change all their plans or the kids will miss their special classes and the teachers will miss their prep periods.  They’ve known for WEEKS that they needed the schedule done, and it might have been, but they didn’t get it out until yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Not quite there yet…..

    • Part of it’s just that we are in a low income area, with all of it’s attendant problems. NCLB being a BIG one of the problems, we didn’t make AYP last year and the it’s year 3 or 4 which ramps up the stress for everybody. A lot of it is coming from the top down, onto the Principal, then onto us. And of course from us to some extent down onto the kids. They have 3rd, 4th and 5th taking tests EVERY WEEK in some, as far as I can tell, “non research based” program that is supposed to save our NCLB necks this year….. At the neglect of all the lower grades of course. They won’t SAY that, but that’s what’s happening.

      My main complaint is that they are only concerned about the immediate results, not the long term. And that’s going to cause problems.

      Did I say how glad I was to be on break finally?

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