Christmas Cards for my kids.

I decided to send my kids Christmas cards this year.  Five year olds don’t get much mail.  We’ve been out since Thanksgiving and don’t go back until after New Years.  On our year-round schedule, one of our rotation breaks backs up to Winter (Christmas) Break and makes it extra long.  (I really needed this break)  I’ve been away from them long enough that I’m actually starting to miss them……..

I sent them each one of these Alphabet Christmas cards.   Some are better than others, but there is one for each letter of the alphabet.   They are pop-up cards by Robert Sabuda.  He does the most amazing pop-ups.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Cards for my kids.

  1. That’s nice. I give my kindergartners a CD of me singing 3 songs whose words I wrote myself. I sing these songs in class, so it’s all familiar music. I like giving the kids something for Christmas. Gee, I miss them within a few days of the holiday break….

    I’m nuts, though, I know it.

  2. Aw…you’re so sweet! We’ve only been out a week, so I don’t quite miss mine yet. 😉 I’m sure by next week, I’ll be wantin’ to see the little buggers…

    Those cards are awesome! I’ve often wanted to mail things to my babies, but sadly, most of the addresses in our records aren’t really the kids’ addresses. They use fake addresses to enroll, so who knows where they really live. Nuts!

    • I put the return address as the school, then if some of the addresses aren’t correct, they’ll come back to the school and we will then have an indication. We have the same problem. Only the Title One schools have free full day kindergarten, so sometimes people do things to get it. And don’t get me on about the phone numbers half of them NEVER work. What are we supposed to do if there’s a medical emergency with their kids?

  3. I love Robert!! I have his winter book and the children enjoy it so much.

    I buy books for my students. This year I bought each of them “The Snowy Day”.

    I know what you mean about addresses and phone numbers. With cell phones I don’t even bother to have the kids memorize their parents’ numbers because they change every other month. Let them handle that! For emergencies I rely on the most constant number- grandma’s! 🙂

    • Title One for our District gives each of our kindergarteners a free book per week of school. By the end of they year, they have the start of a wonderful library. The Snowy Day has often been one of the books.

      I tell the parents something similar. The kids need to know a phone number or address that they can tell emergency workers, that works. If I give the kids a scenario of being lost some place, and the police are going to help them get home, how do they tell the police where to go. I get some really crazy answers that indicate that they really have no strategy. “I live in the house on the corner…..” The scary part is that they don’t seem to understand why that won’t work…..

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