Oh Crap……

I went by my classroom yesterday, New Years Day.  Let’s see, school starts back on Monday, and it suddenly hit me.  I’M NOT READY!!!!!!!!!   They shampoo’d the carpet and stripped and waxed the tile, and everything is in a big pile in the middle of the room.  It will take all day to put the room back together.  Then there’s lesson plans.  And homework folders. And….   And…..

Why am I still sitting here, in my pajamas?

I can tell my heads back at school finally  (I’ve been on vacation since Thanksgiving)  I dreamed about school last night.  It wasn’t pretty.


4 thoughts on “Oh Crap……

  1. Yowza!! I’m NOT the least bit ready to go back. This has been the most glorious 3 weeks. I, too, have to get some lesson plans going, new homework folders made, etc., not to mention the huge box of paperwork I brought home to reorganize, cuz, hey, “I have 3 weeks off!!” Yeah, right. I should have just left it in the car! I have a feeling tomorrow’s gonna be a looonnnggg day….. 😛

    Happy New Year!

  2. Yikes! Gulp down that coffee, get out of those slippers, and get down to the classroom. Ya got one more day, man. (I went in yesterday, Friday, and got about 85% ready for Monday.)

    • Went in around 9, came home at 6, but I think I’m basically ready. Well, the plans aren’t, but I can do them at home. The room looks good with the new wax job, and clean carpet, they even did some painting around the school, doors and door jams, etc. Got everything put back together, homework packets made, (my homework is mostly just a reading log, but there was a bunch of stuff from the school to go home) and worked out my new seating arrangment. They have been sitting next to the same kids for WAY too long.

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