The first day back

It really was great to be back at school today.  I was missing 6 kids so only 23 were there, it made for a nice day.   They cracked me up big time though.

We were getting ready to do calendar and I was taking attendance, and talking about how vacation was over and we were now back at school, and I said, “I wish I was still home in my nice warm bed.  And this one little boy, who’s parents don’t speak a lick of English, piped up, “Ahhhh, poooor BABY….”  WHERE do they get this stuff?

We were doing the nursery rhyme “Baa, Baa Black Sheep”, and since we are in a city, I asked first if anyone knew why the rhyme asked the black sheep if it had any wool, and if they knew what wool was.  I got lots of blank looks, so I then asked if anyone had ever seen a sheep.  Again, lots of blank looks, finally this one little girl says, “Well, I haven’t seen any sheep, but I have smelled the pig farm……” 

Yes, we do have a pig farm, it used to be WAY out of town, but the city has moved out  and around it.  It’s a singular experience when the wind blows the air from the pig farm  your way….

3 thoughts on “The first day back

  1. Those silly answers are from the Word Usage Fluency (WUF) assessment. I don’t know why the hell they insist we give it, since it doesn’t even count toward their score/placement. But, it does always make me laugh.

  2. OMG!!! Your last comments made me laugh out loud!! Maybe I should forward this video to the Pampered Chef headquarters so they can start working on their own version of these handy products! 😛

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