Fire Drills

Love ’em.  We had our second one this week this morning.  At least we had a warning about this one, so all my kids were adequately clothed for being outside.  I’ve decided that the first priority is to get out of the building, and the second one is being able to survive once we do get out.  Therefore, from now on, during inclement weather, I will take the extra few seconds to grab coats on the way out.  They don’t have to put them on until we get to our spot, but they were really cold during the first drill when we didn’t stop for coats. 

It’s  a  real hassle getting out of our room and to our designated rendezvous spot;  two doors,  a locked gate, then a walk of almost 200 yards later. With 29 kids, supervising the front of the line, the middle of the line and the back of the line all by myself, and still managing to get to our spot without losing anyone can be quit a feat.  Even after repeatedly talking about the need to have quick feet, but not running feet, the front of my line still took off at a dead gallop today, and there wasn’t much I could do about it except growl at them real good when I caught up with them.


6 thoughts on “Fire Drills

  1. At my school, we have a special fire drill bell that signals “return to classroom and get coats, then wait for actual fire drill bell to ring.” It’s a little silly.

    • Yeah, the assistant principal ran around this morning telling us we were going to have a “surprise” drill. I know she was concerned about the cold with the previous drill (which was generated by a faulty sensor)and only wanted the kids warm, but still kind of defeated the whole purpose.

  2. At least you guys have fire drills. In the past 8 years, I don’t think we’ve even had 8 fire drills! At my last school, we had one every month, like clockwork. Here, they are few and far between. We did have one about 2 weeks into this school year, but who knows when the next one will come.

    • From what I’ve read about your school neighborhood, I guess they are maybe trying to balance safety with safety? Still the kids need to know the drill. Mine don’t scream or cry anymore, but they can work on their automaticity. I think once a month drills are mandatory here. They aren’t always fire, they could be a “lock down”, a hazmat drill or an evacuation drill.

  3. Yeah, well, once-a-month drills are mandatory HERE, too, but since when have we ever followed the rules? 😉

    At my last school, which was essentially in the same part of the city, we had a “real” principal, so we did EVERYTHING by the rules. We had a fire drill during the first week of every month. At least we could kind of plan for it. And, that was a huge school. We had 2000+ kids, and it was only a K-6 school. We had those drills down to a science, which I suppose is the point, right? 🙂

  4. My first year of teaching, my first fire drill- I left a kid in the bathroom! I cried all the way home from school. 🙂 Thank goodness at our school we have people who check all the bathrooms. Fire drills are always stressful, no matter how many times you practice.

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