It’s been raining for two days.

And my munchkins are getting goofy.  Today I decided to have them write about the rain.  One little boy was having a fit and I walk over to see what the problem is.  He had written, “I like to play my W____….. He couldn’t figure out how to spell Wii.   I asked him, “What does  playing your Wii have to do with rain?”  Now if he had been a little smarter and faster, he could have said something like, “I like to play my Wii when it’s raining……”

But he didn’t do that.

I told him that the assignment wasn’t, “Write about rain……..or whatever you want.”  it was, “Write about RAIN.”


3 thoughts on “It’s been raining for two days.

  1. Oh boy! His brain is water-logged. 😉

    I wonder how many kids are going to start spelling “we” wrong because of the Wii? ‘Cuz I can tell you up in the fifth grade we get more and more text spelling every year! (Especially u, r, and the one I hate the most, ur for your. Shouldn’t ur be you’re??)

  2. “Children” is right. Why can’t they just listen and follow directions like good little worker bees? Wii may not be the ideal writing topic, but how about some prompting in a different direction to encourage some original thought and independence?

    • Because I have 30 of them. I don’t NEED original thoughts or independence. Since this is posted in the hall for visitors to see, they need to follow directions and stick to the prompt. They get plenty of opportunities to write about what THEY want. It’s a question of listening, and following directions.

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