The following message was sent to staff at our school today:


 Please refrain from CC to admin when you put in for a request to departments (requests from specialists) at school.  It takes on a “tattling” connotation.  We are all professionals and jobs will get done.  If it’s reports, meetings or anything that needs tracking, please continue.  Thank you for your prompt attention.

I’m sorry, but NO, jobs will NOT get done (that would be the WHOLE point of CC’ing admin).  I’ve been at my school for a year and a half now, and I have YET to get a single response from our computer tech on ANY thing that I have correctly (using the proper forms and channels)  submitted to her.   If you try to talk to her, she tells you to submit the form.  If you pressure her in any way, she complains to Admin. and Admin gets on your case.

 Besides, I’m good with tattling, my little friends do it ALL the time.


5 thoughts on “AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!!

  1. I think the basic message you’re getting from your administration here is, “Please, teachers, do your job, and don’t ask for any help from any of us. We’ll come and bother you when we feel the need to stir things up. Otherwise work everything out on your own, and leave us alone.”

    Tattling? Does that sound the like it’s the slightest bit condescending to you?

    Man, if I worked in your district, I’d need more blood pressure medication than I’m already on.

    • I have a Masters in Administration, I get it. It’s a hard job. I decided I didn’t want that level of stress in my life. That’s why I’m still teaching not trying to be an administrator. NCLB adds more steam to to the pressure cooker. But I STILL wonder sometimes why they can’t do a better job selecting Principals. The last two have really had issues. Qirky issues. Rolling steel ball bearings in the hand issues……

  2. I too, have a Masters in administration and I could not be paid enough to ever be a principal. I just wanted to know some of the “behind the scenes” stuff that might help me understand the “other side” and make teaching easier. It has had the opposite effect!! I’m more critical because I see other ways that issues could be handled and I always expect more professionalism than I get!! LOL

    Your message here is clear: “requests for services do not need tracking”. My question would be “why not?”.

    • I actually think my Masters helped, I’m more tolerant generally, when I can see things from their point of view. Not all teachers see the “big picture” or larger issues that admin sometimes has to deal with. On the other hand, it is sometimes very clear that admin has forgotten what it’s like to be a teacher……

      When I was the computer tech a few years ago, I got an inside into just how many emails my principal had to deal with on a daily basis, often more than 100 in a day. Knowing that, made it a little more understandable when they were either slow to reply, or forgot. But this one bugs me because I think it provides a measure of accountability and she has basically indicated that she isn’t interested.

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