The Principal came in unannounced and observed me today.  It went pretty well, but some of the things she brought up just make me shake my head.

I had to show her where I did my small group instruction.  I guess if I had one of those kidney tables it would have been more obvious, but my room didn’t come with one and I just use a smaller rectangular table.  And one of her observations had to do with the size of the book I was reading to the kids, in her opinion, it was too small for the size group that I was teaching(whole class, 30 kids).  I don’t know what I can do about that, it’s part of our reading series, and it is the book that was provided,and I was using it as indicated in the teacher’s guide. It’s not like I can just get a larger copy.  If you check Amazon, this book, like a lot of the books in the series are out of print or not available.


4 thoughts on “Observation

  1. I’m right there with ya! My principal did pretty much the same thing last week. She then put a notice in my mailbox (instead of actually just telling me in person!) that I’m not using my word wall. Really? What would make you think that? In the “suggestions for improvement” section, she wrote “add more words.” Oh, ok. The 30 that are up there are more than most of mine know right now, but hey, I’ll just clutter up the board with more words they don’t know. Isn’t the word wall supposed to be a tool for them to use, especially when they write? I’m not exactly sure what she knows about words walls, but I’ve decided to just follow the “orders” I’ve been given. I put up about 20 words this afternoon, just so I can say I followed directions. Ugh! 😡

    • Not that we have much space on the walls, I’ve got stuff everywhere. You could do a general word wall, and then have a different location where you have either a second smaller word wall with your specific words (my current word wall only has the words from our reading series on it and I only add words as they are introduced, sounds kind of like yours) or just a poster with the words from your series on it. Those are the words I expect (in my dreams) them to KNOW. I have a poster of these on the exit to the playground, they have to read a random word to get to the playground, if they miss, they go to the back of the line and lose recess time.

    • Uh huh, I dream of moving up to first or second grade where there is a significant reduction in class size (under 20). I figure maybe one more year at kinder with the oversize classes then finish out my career in first or second.

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