We were talking about math this morning  and how important being able to count was.   This came out of our calendaring activities on the Smart Board where we add a penny for every day in school.  We are getting close to 100 days and  so we have a bunch of coins up there.  As part of our discussion I said that if they couldn’t count money, then I could trick them out of all their money.

One kid  laughed, her reply, like it solved everything…….. “We don’t have any money…..”


3 thoughts on “Money

  1. well…she’s got ya there…. 😉

    Mine always LOVE to do money, and most of them do pretty well because they’ve already been going to the corner store for years. Most of them stop at the corner store for flaming hots and orange pop (AKA-breakfast!!) every morning!

    • Sounds like a breakfast around here. In the cafeteria. Frootloops with chocolate or strawberry milk and a cinnamon roll. WE aren’t allowed to feed them junk food in the classroom, but the cafeteria can………

  2. Each day this month I have put a “price tag” on the board and we figure out how much money we need to buy the item. I always tell them I don’t want 100 pennies bouncing around in my pocket so we have to figure out how to use our other coins. They always laugh! Easy group. lol

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