In our Trophies reading series there is a book called Wonderful Worms.  It’s a non-fiction book about worms,  where they grow and how they are good for the soil.  As part of the unit, I went to a fishing supply store and bought some night crawlers.  After lunch today I got out some paper plates and put them in the center of each of their tables, but didn’t really say anything.  It was hilarious, they were all speculating on what the “treat” was going to be…….

After explaining to them that the worms were living creatures and that we didn’t hurt living creatures.  And we talked about how that might or might not happen, I then put a couple of night crawlers on each table.  It was fun to just listen and watch as they explored and observed.  One girl was determined to pick one up, but every time she would get it part way up, it would wiggle or feel too slimy, and she would squeal and put it back down.  She finally managed it.

Why is it that the bravest ones in my class,  are the girls?


5 thoughts on “Worms

    • So you are saying that as a girl, you are OK with handling big, long, juicy, slimy, wiggling night crawlers? Besides they might have “held” them, but they squealed the most while they were doing it….. 🙂

  1. Our science program does a whole unit on worms comparing night crawler to ordinary red worms. They also compare garden snails to water snails, etc. It’s really a good hands-on science program called FOSS.

    • We are doing Animals Two by Two from Foss right now, I’m currently doing the fish part. I only throw in the worms because it fit our reading program.

  2. My favorite classroom project has always been silk worms. The transformations in size and color are fascinating and the children love to hold them and watch them.

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