Apparently not everyone is a fan…………

I sure feel sorry for the kid right now. Sounds like you overreacted a bit. I would hate to have you be one of my kid’s teachers. The last thing kids need is a teacher that wants to jump all over them, embarrass them, and treat them like they are nothing but gross monkeys. You are a true disgrace to the teaching profession. I have read other posts from your really stupid section – thank goodness this post is anonymous because you would certainly be fired an would deserve it.

I received the above submitted as a comment on my last post.  It took awhile to figure out how to respond.  First, I’ll be generous and assume that the reader read more into my post than was actually there.  I would be fairly comfortable with having my principal watching, both the actions of the student and my response to it.  I believe I indicated that I pulled the child aside and expressed my displeasure.  There was no effort to humiliate the student in front of the other students.  His actions DID warrant a response that indicated how seriously inappropriate his actions were.   I’m a little unsure about why someone would think that smearing a feces loaded finger on the wall would warrant a less severe response.  It is a serious health issue.  I personally disinfected the wall, I did not make the student do it.  I would be mortified if I received a call from my child’s school indicating that they had done something like this.

It’s clear to me that the writer has no clear understanding of what teaching in public schools entails.  I didn’t create the teaching environment, but I think I do a pretty good job preparing my 30 kids for first grade.  So please, writer, don’t lecture me on how to do my job, or suggest based on this one incident, that I somehow don’t know how, or am not qualified to do my job.  Teachers wouldn’t have to DO things like this if parents did a better job training their children.

And by the way, the gross monkey comparison was by someone in the comment section, NOT by me.  Although the actions were somewhat similar.


4 thoughts on “Apparently not everyone is a fan…………

  1. “Teachers wouldn’t have to DO things like this if parents did a better job training their children.”

    AMEN to that, my friend, AMEN!!!

    I just LOVE it when “people” like this commenter think they know the first thing about what our jobs entail!!! The uneducated should keep their comments to themselves. Better yet, just stop reading this blog! Ugh!

    For what it’s worth, I would have done exactly the same thing. Gee, maybe we should BOTH be fired…. 😉

  2. I completely agree with Mary! This happened in my room this year- only it wasn’t a little smear with a finger. I was more than ready to make HIM clean it, but with my principal’s recommendation, I cleaned it up (gagging the whole time), and he got “written up.” What punishment that is for a kindergartener, I still don’t know. Even though it is looked down upon in education, sometimes embarrassment and humiliation is the punishment sometimes needed to make students make the right choices. After all, that is often a natural consequence of bad decisions made as adults…

    • I don’t think we should be cruel, but I agree that embarrassment and humiliation can be appropriate. We are trying to prepare them for the “real world” and some things are inappropriate, and things do have natural consequences, they can’t, nor shouldn’t be shielded from all consequences, they should be taught how to deal with them when they happen.

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