Back to School

I’ve been on two weeks rotation break and one week Spring Break. But it’s all over now and we’re back to school Monday.  The last trimester of school on this rotation is pretty much non-stop until mid July when we finish the year. I like this rotation the best, it still gives us part of the summer off.  We are in one of the worst housing bubble markets to go bust nationally, so our whole economy is in the tank.  Word is that one of the cost saving measures they will be implementing for next year is for our school to revert to a standard 9 month schedule.  Anyway, for the rest of this year, I think there are only something like two days off  in there somewhere.  It’s a long haul, but a nice uninterrupted way to finish out the year.  We can get a lot of focused work done.

I spent most of the break painting the outside of the house.  It wouldn’t normally take that long but I had to work around some messy weather for about 7 or 8 days right in the middle of the job.   Originally the plan was to pay someone else to do it, but, in the end, I wasn’t sure they would take care of all the little details, and take good care of the problem areas.  Even with renting scaffolding, buying an airless paint sprayer, and an extension ladder,  I’m sure that we saved money on the job.  And when my body recovers I’m sure I’ll appreciate THAT……

So today it’s lesson plans, and a run to the school to feed the fish and make sure the room is ready.  The tricky part is getting my brain back into it.  Oh well, I’m sure THAT will happen.


4 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. I hope you aren’t having a bad today. Most of my friends went back today, but since we’re on a year-round schedule, I’m off this week, too. Here’s wishing you a non-eventful day! 😉

    • lol, We finished day two of being back today, it’s so funny to watch them in the afternoon, half of them are zoned out exhausted. They still haven’t gotten back into a good school nite sleep schedule.

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