Spring has sprung and my kids have gone loopy.

The last two weeks have just been crazy.  Kids who have NEVER been in timeout, are suddenly volunteering for it.  Generally,  they aren’t listening, and nothing that normally has worked in the past is working now.  They will look me in the face and do the opposite of what is expected, and then act like they don’t understand why they are in trouble.  I have at least one kid cry almost every day.  Mostly because they aren’t getting their way.  It’s almost like the first month of school again.

But they are doing amazing work with their reading and writing.  I have never had a class this far along this early in the year.  Being a year round school, we still have close to 60 days of school left in the year and many of my kids are writing now, like my last class was writing at the end of the year.  And I thought my last class was good……


3 thoughts on “Spring has sprung and my kids have gone loopy.

  1. One of my students got into trouble seven times yesterday, before NOON. She chewed her crayons (yesterday it was a rock), tickled another student in the bathroom, ran down the hall, wet paper towels in the sink instead of washing her hands, refused to do her handwriting, took another student’s marker, and repeatedly sang a country song during phonics. When it was free choice time she wanted to know WHY I wouldn’t let her get a table center!!! lol It is spring and full moon time!!!

    • Yeah, I have one that almost ALWAYS does just about the opposite of what she has been told or is supposed to. I’ve had it. I no longer say anything, don’t want to give her the attention. I just write her name on the board for a timeout. People who don’t have to interact with her think she’s “cute”. I’m over cute. When she gets in trouble she give you her big puppy dog eyes, like that’s supposed to work….. maybe it does for some people.

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