Earth Day

We did a grade level Earth Day project yesterday at the end of the day.  Since I wasn’t in session last year during Earth Day, and missed the activity, I deferred to the other teachers on the activity.  The activity was fine, it was just the implementation that was messy.  Give 90 kids styrofoam cups (yeah, it’s Earth Day alright…..) tell them NOT to break them, then let them come up  get dirt, and then seeds,  and then dirt again from TWO stations.

OF COURSE most of them will have a hard time staying out of trouble……. not enough supervision and not enough to do…….  Each of us could have predicted who the kids in our classes were who would have had the most trouble with the project as impemented.  We should have been more pro-active in finding ways to keep them busy.   Just hard to do when you have 30 kids each and no help…..   Probably should have done it as a center type activity in each of our rooms throughout the day instead of all at once, all together. 

I think part of what made the idea attractive to us was that we were doing something collaboratively for a change instead of each of us off in our rooms by ourselves.

It just could have gone a little better,  like it would have been nicer without the rain………

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