Sea World Assembly

We had some representatives from Sea World do assemblies at our school today.  They said that they were bringing live animals.  Not much other information.  So even among the teachers there was a lot of speculation about just what animals they might bring.  It’s not like we live even close to the ocean.

Turns out that even though they represented Sea World, the animals they brought weren’t really “sea” animals.  They brought a Great Horned Owl, a lemur from Madagascar, a red fox, a mommy kangaroo with baby and a 6 foot alligator.  The kids were impressed.  They let the kangaroo hop around the MP room and the alligator scared the heck out of even the principal.  I had two little girls crying when they saw it trying to wiggle loose from the handlers.  I explained that they were really safe, being back in the middle of the room, the alligator would have to eat a bunch of kids before it got to them………  That seemed to satisfy them.

All in all it was a pretty good assembly.


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