Two Tough Days

We had field day yesterday, the kids had a good time, but they started to get fussy and whiney by the end,  so I was REAL glad when it was over.  Right after field day, they went to lunch and then we had a pretty low-key afternoon.  Did some language arts that we missed in the morning and then called it good.  They are all starting to lose their teeth, it was so funny to watch this one little girl yesterday.  She had made up her mind it was coming out, so she was just wiggling and wiggling it.  Every once in a while she would have to have me check the progress.  Every time I would pull out my big set of pliers that I keep just for teeth, (funny, in all these years nobody has taken me up on the offer to help….).  Just before the bell rang she got it out, she was so excited.  I have these little plastic teeth necklaces for them to put them in so they don’t lose them.

Today, one of my other girls decided she was going to pull hers ( I’m not sure it was really ready, she worried it for a while and then cried because it hurt, “really bad”……  she got it out though.  Today, we had the school carnival after school.  I think it went pretty well, but it was sure chaotic trying to get everyone out of the school, then set  up for the carnival in 35-40 minutes.  One of my kids from last year is in first grade now and he really cracked the lady up who was selling cotton candy.  Apparently he had never seen it before, didn’t know what it was, and wasn’t at all sure he wanted it, but he bought some.  When she gave it to him, he looked at it and said, “There’s hair all over this thing……”  She really had to convince him to taste it.  I don’t know, maybe they don’t eat much sugar in their house, but he went back for seconds on the cotton candy……


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