The “F” Word

One of my kids came up to me after lunch today and told me another boy had said  “F***  you” to him.  I called the other child over.  I adopted my best, “You are in deep dodo” look and asked him, “Juan, what did you say to Cesar?”  His earnest reply?   “Oh, Mr. K, it’s not important…….”

It’s really hard to look angry and all mean when you are busting up inside.  I deepened the frown on my face and said, “Oh yes it is, it’s VERY important, now WHAT DID YOU SAY?”  He tried again, “Really Mr. K.  it wasn’t important.”

I think I managed to convey to him just how important it was.  He spent about 10-15 minutes in time out.  Then we went to PE.  When we came back from PE, he didn’t say a word, he just went right back to time out………..

Sometimes it’s really hard to not laugh at them……  The kid with the garbage mouth?  One of the tiniest, skinniest kids in class.   He spent most of the year pretty quiet, boy has he blossomed lately.  I can hardly shut him up.

I think, and I’m only speculating here, that there might have been a slight translation problem going on, he might have been trying to say that he didn’t “mean it” when he was saying it wasn’t important.  Either way I wanted him to know that at school, it was a big deal.


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