The kids were doing seat work, (work they do on their own while I do small group instruction).  One of my favorite phonics tools is a CD from Fountas and Pinnell  and one of my favorite worksheets that I generate from it are picture pages and word pages.  I usually have them cut out the words and glue them on the pictures.  I can target specific phonics lessons, CVC words, long vowels, short vowels, blends and digraphs, etc.  The kids can use several different strategies to match the correct word with it’s picture.  They can name the picture and then look for the word, or they can sound out the word and then find the picture.  Sounding out the word then finding the picture is best, but sometimes they  need to try different strategies.

Anyway, today during a lull between groups (there’s never REALLY a lull in my room, but hey………)  this one little girl comes up and says, “Mr. T, what’s a bra?

That brought me up short,  I said, “Huh?”

“What’s a bra?”    At this point my brain is scrambling,  because a) I am PRETTY sure there aren’t any pictures of that item on the CD,  and b) I’m pretty sure that even if there WAS, I didn’t pick it for their worksheets that morning……..

“Let me see the word, OK?’  She shows it to me.  “Honey, you are right, aw does make the aaawwww sound, but that’s a “D” at the beginning of the word, not a “B”…..


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