Have I mentioned here how much I LOVE my SmartBoard?  We use it for Calendar in the morning, for Language arts and for Math in the afternoon.  One of the things that has really helped my kids with their scores on the Nonsense Word Fluency test in DIBELS is a page I made with some random letter “dice”.   Almost every day we do CVC words using three dice, two that generate random consonants with one in the middle generating random vowels.  We practice sounding out what ever comes up.  Only occasionally do I have to quickly change the result when it’s inappropriate.  they are getting too good though and sometimes catch the word……….

 Last time we did the Nonsense Word Fluency we smoked it as a class.

I would have a hard time giving up the board, it’s become such a part of the way I teach.  And the principal told us today that next year we will all have Elmo’s in our rooms.  Between the two, I think it will be great.


11 thoughts on “My SMARTBoard

  1. Wait, what’s an Elmo? I’m lucky I know what a Smart Board is!!

    I think I’m going to write a Donors Choose grant for a Smart Board, because I know I’d get so much out of it. For some odd reason, our librarian recently received one (from some grant I think?) which is hilarious to me, because it’s still sitting in the box, in the back of the library, where I have no doubt it will remain for a VERY long time. There is no teaching/learning that happens in our library, so I don’t know what the hell she wanted it for. Maybe so she could add it to the other technology she has in there, namely a BIG screen TV (this sucker is huge!) that the kids watch cartoons on, cuz apparently, that’s the entire library curriculum!!! 😡

    • An Elmo is a brand name for something that is sometimes called a document camera. It’s sort of a cross between an overhead and an opaque projector if you remember them. Not as bulky as either though. It basically projects anything onto the screen. You don’t need to make an overhead transparency, just put the paper, book, math manipulative on the surface and it projects. They are great for reading smaller books whole group. They can do fancier things too.

      Actually, if I had to choose between the two, I’d start with the Elmo now, but I love my Smartboard.

      My wife is a school librarian, she teaches. She wrote a grant this year to get 15 GPS devices and has taught Geocaching to the 4th and 5th graders. They have really had fun with the GPS’s this year.

      If you go for the Smart board, you will also need a laptop or computer to hook it too, and a projector. In my room, the laptop is mine, and the projector is mine. They provided a projector, but, I needed a bigger distance between the screen and the projector than their projector would give me in order to get all my kids in front of it.

  2. In the small K-3 school where I volunteer the school librarian went out on a limb last week and actually read a book to every class, rather than do more technology. I think we’ve gone tech crazy. I’d rather the schools spent the dollars for smartboards on art, music and science materials, field trips and all the hands-on experiences kids are missing.

    • The things you mention are important, but you can’t skip or ignore the technology. Technology isn’t any good if it isn’t used, but used correctly is amazing and can add so much to lessons. I believe to remain competative in the world today, we HAVE to stay on top of the technology. And it is almost intuative for kids now days, most of mine, TELL ME what I’m doing wrong when I’m having trouble with a finicky piece of technology.

  3. I am returning to first grade after administrating and teaching 5th for the last six years. When I taught 5th I used my SmartBoard for EVERYTHING, and trained other teachers in our district as well.

    My principal is putting a SmartBoard in my 1st grade classroom so I can model it’s powers of amazingness for the other K, 1st and 2nd grade teachers, who are not quite envisioning the value of this resource at their grade levels.

    I’ve been gathering resources for first grade, and wondered if you might be willing to share some of you SmartBoard Notebook files (calendar, the nonsense word generator….)?

    So great to hear that you’re using a SmartBoard in kinder!!! And, you will LOVE having an ELMO – many uses for that tool as well!

  4. Oo, that Elmo sounds awesome!! You’re right, maybe I’ll write a grant for that first.

    Your wife would be APPALLED if she knew what went on in our library! My best friend is also a school librarian, and has her masters in library science. When I tell her some of the things our librarian does, I can practically see the steam coming out of her ears!

    • You should have seen the librarian BEFORE my wife got there. The stacks were off limits to the kids, the librarian would put 5 or 6 books on each table and that’s what the kids got. Every week at library she showed a video and they had to sit in silence. My wife’s two favor quotes from her first year at the school. The library aide told her one little first grader said, “But I don’t want a book on the Civil War…..” And from my wife’s first year one of the kids, “You mean we get to TOUCH the books?!”

  5. I’m leaning toward jwg’s views. With all of the budget cuts we no longer have supplies, aides, field trips, or creative classes, yet we can find the money for more and more technology. We need to make sure we retain some kind of balance. After all, if we got enough tech gadgets going the kids could all stay home and just go to school online.

    • If they stayed home, at least they wouldn’t be copying off their neighbor…….. Just being facecious there….. Balance I say, like I replied to her. And an Elmo isn’t “really” technology, it’s just a glorified overhead, only better.

  6. Oh I love this idea of using the smart board die to make nonsense words!
    I will have a bright link in my room next year(we have been told it is the combination of a smart board and an elmo/doc cam) and I am so excited because I have never used a smart board an elmo or any of the other technologies that are out there.
    So cool! Thanks for sharing this idea!

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